Techila is a next-generation approach to High-Performance Computing (HPC). It enables integration of HPC applications with, and easy switching between the servers and clusters in your own network and any leading Cloud (Microsoft Azure, Google GCE, Amazon EC2). It is the missing link between applications and your trusted computing capacity. Techila is a middleware solution, which enables the use of local or Cloud capacity for computationally intensive applications. Techila enables applications to harness the capacity of your trusted resources without any complexity.

Techila is ideal in business-critical optimization, modeling, simulation and data-analysis.

Unlike conventional HPC middleware solutions, Techila is an autonomic computing solution. This makes the integration and running of Techila easy and use secure.

Techila middleware connects applications to the computing capacity in the organization’s private cloud, in a hosted private cloud or in a public cloud, such as Windows Azure, Amazon EC2 or Google GCE.

Techila System Architecture

Techila offering to business directors

  • Faster access to results

Techila offering to IT managers

  • Ease of integration of Cloud capacity to the Enterprise infrastructure
  • Quick deployment
  • Low need of administration
  • A security-assessed solution

What does Techila offer to end-users?

  • Faster computing
  • Ease-of-use
  • Empowerment to better results
  • Shielding from complexity

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