Techila is a software solution that brings rocket speed to simulation and analysis, without the complexity of traditional high-performance computing. The secure technology integrates scalable power seamlessly into MATLAB®, Python, R programming language, and other popular tools on the user’s own PC.

Techila is available as a pay-as-you-go solution in Google Cloud Launcher, or the customer can license the solution directly from Techila Technologies. Techila available in Google Cloud Launcher is a full cloud solution. Direct licensing can be used for in-house installation and to enable hybrid IT scenarios using any cloud platform.

Techila is an easy distributed computing middleware and management solution that saves the time of business-users and IT experts time. It solves challenges related to parallel application development and deployment, and speeds up the idea-to-deployment cycle. The solution is built around a patented autonomic computing technology, which creates a self-managing and scalable computing service and execution environment in the customer’s own trusted IT environment.

Business users of Techila are able to deliver faster and better quality results when solving even the most challenging and complex business-critical problems. Techila integrates directly with the their favourite computational tools, with no need to redesign the applications and codes. Techila comes with productized support for MATLAB®, Python, C/C++, C#, R script, and a range of other popular environments.

Techila eliminates performance barriers and improves productivity across the enterprise. It is a multi-tenant solution with a priority and policy-based framework. Built-in security features enable establishment of a single platform to serve multiple business lines and applications, from research and development functions to the front office and all the way to applications run as a web service in an SOA environment.

Techila enables enterprise customers to manage the computing power available in their current and future computing servers and cluster, and even to include capacity from the company’s trusted cloud providers. Techila supports the Windows and Linux operating systems. It enables the enterprise-ready secure integration of hybrid cloud IT, and cloud bursting to the leading public cloud platforms Amazon EC2, Google GCE, and Microsoft Azure.


Documents and guides

Technical documents, including Product Description and End-User Guides for MATLAB, Python, R script and other supported environments can be downloaded from Documents And Guides. For a advanced documentation, please use the Contacts form on this web site.