Fast Simulation And Analysis Made Easy

Techila Distributed Computing Engine enables fast simulation and analysis, without the complexity of traditional high-performance computing. No need to wait for computations to finish. No need to cut corners in accuracy. The solution supports MATLAB®, Python, R programming language, and other popular languages and environments.

From R&D To Production

Techila APIs integrate scalable computing power seamlessly into research and development tools. The applications can also be deployed and run as service in a SOA environment. Techila Distributed Computing Engine supports computing in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Full Stack Solution

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is a full stack solution that has everything you need included: A scheduler that can support many simultaneous users, a resource manager that is designed for heterogeneous systems, enterprise-standard security, advanced reporting, and APIs.


The architecture of Techila Distributed Computing Engine is built around a patented autonomic computing technology. Techila Distributed Computing Engine creates a self-managing and scalable computing service and execution environment in the customer’s own trusted IT environment. When running in the cloud, Techila Distributed Computing Engine uses the customer’s own trusted cloud account.


Techila Distributed Computing Engine is available as a pay-as-you-go solution, or it can be used with an enterprise license, which is available directly from Techila Technologies.

The pay-as-you-go solution is a full cloud solution. The enterprise license can be installed in an on-premises data center, or in a hybrid cloud IT scenario and cloud bursting to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.

Techila Distributed Computing Engine is an enterprise-ready secure solution. Financial industry customers include central and national banks, leading investment banks, asset managers, and insurance companies.


Techila Distributed Computing Engine follows an annual release schedule. Techila Technologies offers also a variety of support services, including Premium support and Consultancy services.


Documents and guides

Technical documents, including Product Description and End-User Guides for MATLAB, Python, R script and other supported environments can be downloaded from Documents And Guides. For a advanced documentation, please use the Contacts form on this web site.