Tutorial on Techila Toolbox for MATLAB

The Support Team of Techila Technologies has published a tutorial on the Techila Toolbox for MATLAB. This tutorial includes also an introduction to some of the features that come with the toolbox. The toolbox is available free of charge to the users of Techila Distributed Computing Engine.   The Techila Toolbox for MATLAB can make […]

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How to speed up the generation of portfolios in R?

Watch a 1-minute intro on YouTube   QuantBros.com has published a tutorial where Dakota Wixom from QuantBros shows how to generate random portfolios in R programming language on a large scale. Watch the full QuantBros.com tutorial on YouTube. In the tutorial, QuantBros uses S&P 500 sector ETFs, calculates an efficient frontier or random portfolios with […]


How to speed up Simulink using Cloud?

Read the article in LinkedIn Pulse   An accurate Simulink model performs as expected and produces the desired results. But the added complexity along with the constantly growing data requirements can cause unacceptable simulation times. How to improve simulation performance, without breaking the bank? Teppo Tammisto‘s article in LinkedIn Pulse looks at how to speed […]


Easy supercluster speed to R using CSC’s Techila service

Watch the CSC and Techila tutorial on YouTube.   Are you a R user? Would you like to have faster simulation and analysis? This free CSC IT Center for Science webinar was recorded on 17 May 2016. The webinar is designed for users of R programming language, who want faster simulation and analysis, without the […]


Can You Distill High Frequency Financial Data Efficiently Using MATLAB?

Read the article in LinkedIn Pulse   Can You Distill High Frequency Financial Data Efficiently Using MATLAB? Tuomas Eerola’s article in LinkedIn Pulse introduces a solution for turning high frequency financial data efficiently into a competitive advantage using MATLAB. Computing volatility measures requires high quality Trade and Quote (TAQ) data. This is big data. To […]


Rocket speed from the Command Line

Watch Techila Command Line Interface Tutorial on YouTube.   Techila Technologies has published a new video tutorial, which presents the easiest way to integrate distributed computing speed to an existing business application: The Techila Command Line Interface. Techila Command Line Interface can be used to data parallel an application to which we have don’t have […]


From depression to recession with Techila

Download the Discussion Paper from Bank of Finland   The Bank of Finland publishes a paper “Kiss me deadly: From Finnish great depression to great recession”, which discusses the causes of the Finnish Great Depression, 1990-1993. The simulations benefited of self-managing distributed computing, which was enabled by Techila Distributed Computing Engine. In the project, the […]


ANSYS In Cloud – Scaling Up Computational Capacity

Read the report ANSYS In Cloud – Scaling Up Computational Capacity   Techila Technologies and Cargotec‘s MacGregor have investigated how to optimize the cost of ANSYS HPC system ownership with cloud services integrated to the enterprise IT. This report looks at computing clouds as a platform for engineering simulation, and how to manage the software […]