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Techila with MATLAB Video Tutorial series

Watch Techila with MATLAB Tutorials on YouTube Marko Koskinen from Techila Technologies’ Support Team delivers a series of three short tutorial videos on how to use Techila HPC middleware to speed up MATLAB applications without MPI or CUDA programming skills. In the first part of the series Marko covers how to access the Techila environment […]

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Introduction to Techila technology

Watch the video on YouTube Marko Koskinen from Techila Technologies’ Support Team gives an introduction to Techila Technology. This introduction video covers the very basics of the Techila technology. If you are not familiar with the Techila technology, this technical video provides easy first steps to the solution. After watching this video you can continue […]

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Request A Demo

Request a live Techila product demo and see, how Techila can give rocket speed to your computing! Let us walk you through the Techila HPC middleware and show how to make heavy computing easier and faster than ever before. Techila can provide standard and self-built tools many hundreds of times speed up. Techila’s extremely simple-to-use […]

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Computational neuroinformatics changes lives

Watch the video on YouTube Marja-Leena Linne and other INCF leaders publish a video where they talk how neuroinformatics and computational neuroinformatics brings hope to people who have been impacted by brain diseases and disorders. The computing technology, which we at Techila have developed can speed up computational neuroinformatics research dramatically. Researchers can cut the […]

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Rocket Speed To Computing, An Interview with Samuli Siltanen

Watch the video on YouTube Samuli Siltanen is highly regarded as an innovative Industrial Mathematics Professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is also well known for writing textbooks and conducting research in the area of inverse problems. The goal of Siltanen’s scientific work is to design efficient numerical methods that have a sound […]

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Build career in HPC Finance

Read full job posting in EURAXESS Are you interested in developing your career and professional expertise at the crossroads of Financial Engineering and High-Performance Computing? Techila Technologies announces job opportunities, which you should not miss! HPCFinance networks fourteen Researchers across Europe in a research project, which aims to proactively train young people to respond to […]

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Look inside cloud HPC

Watch the video on YouTube Ask twenty different computer experts what cloud computing or cloud HPC are, and you will get twenty different answers. This is not because cloud computing as a concept is still in its infancy; the technology is already up and running and the chances are you have already used it. It […]

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Interview with VTT’s CIO Markus Ekman

Watch the video on YouTube An interview with VTT’s CIO Markus Ekman. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological contract research organization and the biggest applied research organization in Northern Europe with 3200 people. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services to enhance its customers’ competitiveness. VTT serves several industries: […]

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Will R displace Excel?

Read the article in LinkedIn Groups The sophistication and advancements in how we use data to support business decisions is increasing all the time. This will also imply higher expectations of those providing advise and expert opinions and the users will begin to expect analytics infrastructures to support comprehensive data sets. This will require bringing […]

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What to expect from the cloud in 2012 – Usability and interoperability

Read the full article in TechRepublic Thoran Rodrigues writes in his TechRepublic blog that while it is true that many companies have been experimenting and investing in cloud computing already, they represent a quite small percentage of the overall IT market. The positive results will attract the attention of the slow movers. As data centers […]

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