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Techila Technologies and Microsoft announce a promotional offer to Universities and Academia, including free Techila HPC Middleware to enable speeding up applications with the power of Windows Azure cloud platform.

This limited-time offer is valid until end of June 2012, and it gives academic users an opportunity to evaluate and experience the benefits of next generation distributed computing to their research, innovation and development, without any additional software license costs. You will pay only for the Windows Azure service. Unlike any other HPC middleware solutions, Techila is easy to integrate, secure and it provides shielding from complexity. This makes HPC available also to users and applications, which have not been able to use HPC before.

“We will need more computing power and capacity in the future. We need also to understand the different nature of different projects. To meet the growing on demand requirements of computing capacity – we need to be open and ensure that we have efficient utilization models available for the future.

Cloud services like the Windows Azure cloud have unforeseen amounts of capacity available and Techila’s middleware technology is able to utilize Windows Azure’s cloud computing capacity seamlessly.” – Markus Ekman, CIO, SVP Information Management, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Using Techila does not require learning any new tools. Your application can be written in any of the commonly used computational languages or environments you are already familiar with: MATLAB, R analytics language, C/C++, .NET, Java, Python, Perl,… The Techila middleware connects your applications automatically to the computing capacity available in the Cloud. The automatic distribution of workloads enabled by the Techila Middleware can speed up new and existing stochastic applications with the capacity of Windows Azure Cloud Platform without limits.

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