Set up a scalable HPC cloud in minutes

Techila Tutorial

Techila has published a new familiy of tutorial videos. These tutorial videos show step-by-step how to build an autonomous private High-Performance Computing cloud with Techila, in just minutes.

Setting up a flexible private HPC cloud with Techila consists of four steps: Setting up a Techila Server, updating the license of the Server, adding and trusting Workers and creating secure accounts for the End-Users.

Techila Server can be run on a physical or virtualized platform. It is possible to run even in the cloud, which enables building a full-cloud solution. The Techila Worker software supports a full range of operating systems from Windows to Linux and Mac OS X. The Techila Worker too can run on physical, virtualized or cloud platforms. Private, hosted, public or hybrid. For example, in this tutorial, the Worker is running on VMware.

In these Techila tutorial videos you can see, how you can do this all from scratch to ready-for-computing in just minutes.

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